Alchemy turquoise 03 Gemstone Pendant


This design appeared overnight in a wheat field at Alton Barnes,
Wiltshire, England on the 25th of August, 2008. I arrived at the field
about 11 AM on that day. As I was about to enter the field, I noticed
that the farmer had his equipment there and was harvesting the wheat. I
could only watch the destruction of the beautiful artwork from the road.
This was the last day of my trip to the circle that summer. It was
very sad and disheartening to watch the machinery eat up the design. My
friends went into the field the next day and said that the energy there
was still very magical.

The design has a 7 pointed star in
the center. From each of the points there are 9 circles or bubbles. So
the energy moves from the 777 to the 999 academically skipping the 888
manifestation. By wearing this design you may be able to be alchemical
and turn everything into gold.

Turquoise is beneficial to the overall well being and soundness of one’s mood and emotions. It aids in communication and spiritual expansion.  Turquoise is said to open all chakras, allowing the stones power of love and communication to flow through your entire being. However, healers associate it primarily with the Throat or 5th chakra. This Chakra is the center of communication, creativity, serenity and spiritual bonding. Turquoise can also benefit the operation of the Heart Chakra by opening it up for giving and receiving love. On the brow Chakra, it strengthens the connection to Great Spirit.

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