Creative Waves Wood Pendant


This design appeared in a field near Avebury on July 14, 2018.  The center three raised formations represent the tetrahedron’s three bottom vortexes.  As the tetrahedron rotates creation takes place in waves from the center.  Notice there are six waves in this design for the six days of creation.  In Key 403:97-98 we find this description: “We begin to comprehend the geometry(s) behind this Key as the multi-V (vortex vector) patterning for Light-Life generation to move into a consciousness linked “hyperspace” for transportation. Clearly, the multi-V manifestation, is not to be seen as limited to any two-dimensional page of a book, but is to be understood as forming a number of infinite possibilities of the vortex patterns, mainly spiraling in nature, that bring forth the mathematical values and frequencies from the Divine Name(s) to reflect diversity, as well as an order established for the expanding of identity codes in new worlds for new life forms.”

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