Galaxy charoite 02 Gemstone Pendant


This design appeared in a field on Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England
on the 12th of August, 2001. This is one of the most amazing crop
circles ever. Six football fields big. 409 circles in total with 68 in
each arm and one in the center. To me this demonstrates a completed
galaxy in all its arms and stars. A prize of 50,000 pounds has been
offered in England for anyone who can duplicate this design overnight.
Wearing this design my aid you in completing yourself and your projects.

Charoite aids in revealing of one’s path of service, helps purge inner negativity, and provides protection and healing.  It provides a powerful projection of the purple ray.   Charoite protects one from psychic attack and dispels bad dreams.  It also can activate latent inner knowledge.

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